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Welcome to Vibrant Living Institute & Academy

The Vibrant Living Institute & Academy is a health and wellness education and events organization that is dedicated to helping families of all ages live a life of greater health, wealth and happiness.  

Our mission is to educate, empower and help ourselves and others evolve.  We are currently partnered with a variety of organizations -- their missions are similar: to help people live lives of greater health and happiness by inspiring healthy living, providing natural solutions for health and happiness and making yoga accessible as a tool for healing and personal growth to every one regardless of their physical or mental abilities.

To register for classes, workshops or events with Sarah Kathleen, visit our partner Clarington's Wellness Path 

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call 905-623-9232 to schedule your appointment today or request a no-obligation consult with Sarah to discuss your unique needs so you can determine what the best approach to your wellness journey is for you.