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COVID-19 NOTICE:  Dear Vibrant Living Tribe

With the current state of the 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic access to our physical location has been temporarily suspended.  

At this time we will not be providing in-person group or one-on-one sessions, classes, workshops, etc.   

We trust that you will do what is needed to help stop spread of the coronavirus.  

Wash your hands, respect and practice social distancing, stay home and stay safe.  

Check in regulary with your loved ones to help diminish feelings of loneliness and disconnection 

and to provide hope and help to those you can.

We will keep you updated to our status and advise you promotely as to when we will be working with our clients again.  

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Have questions for us or want to stay connected?  

Please feel free to reach out or join our mailing list below.

Have concerns or questions about the coronavirus?  See the links at the top of our page.

Welcome to Vibrant Living Institute

Vibrant Living Institute is a health and wellness organization for leading self-care, stress management and dis-ease prevention lifestyle programs. 

Our offerings are designed to evolve, empower and elevate you - mind, body and soul.   

Using an holistic approach to well-being, we help you shift, pivot and re-design a lifestyle of greater health, wealth and happiness so you can enjoy a vibrant life of personal freedom and success in all areas of your life.

Regardless of the stage of life or transition you may currently find yourself in our Vibrant Living Programs offer you the know-how, accountablity and support to improve your HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS, naturally.

We are dedicated to helping you uncover your Vibrant Living so that you can fully enjoy a vibrant life!

A vibrant life is a life that...

  • Raises and Replenishes your Energy 
  • Reduces your Stress Levels
  • Balances your Mental & Emotional States
  • Relieves your Pain
  • Improves your Mobility and Range-of-Motion 
  • Increases your Strength & Flexiblity
  • Decreases your Anxiety
  • Alleviates your Depression
  • Puts You In The Driver Seat Of Your Life

A Vibrant Life is a life YOU LOVE TO LIVE a
nd the one you long for is yours for the taking if you are willing to do that work.  Yes, it will take a personal commitment to learning, living and leading yourself and others to embody lifestyle habits that inspire and promote natural solutions for health, wealth and happiness and Vibrant Living Institute is here to support you on your journey to enjoying your life to the fullest.  

With a focus on yoga, energy medicine and leading wellness practices, Vibrant Living Institute, offers access to classes, courses and events that help you Master the Art of Vibrant Living.

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Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. Action is power.

                                       — Tony Robbins



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