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We are in the midst of a redesign of our website. 

We will be connecting you with information, education, courses and programs designed to evolve your body, heart and mind by offering you opportunities to experience leading-edge mind-body-spirit techniques that promote vibrant living. 

Our empowering educational offering and lifestyle wellness services will support your personal growth in all areas of your personal and professional life as you Master the Art of Vibrant Living and take your life to the next level of health, wealth and happiness.

Become a Vibrant Living Master | The Power Is In Your Hands.

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. George Patton

It is time for a SHIFT.  It is time for a CHANGE.

It is time for You to LOVE Your Life, truly, and it all starts with YOU.

In spite of or perhaps as a result of the advancements in technology, science and medicine, -modern-day living in this global economy has us living a less than healthy life - one that often has us stressed, depressed, anxious and full of fear, worry and doubt about what lies ahead for our future and the future our children will inherit and are living through now.

With the rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune dis-ease and mental illness including depression, dementia and Alzheimer's rising at alarming rates in North America and around the globe it is time for a shift to Vibrant Living.

Prevention programs that are designed to teach and empower you to take your health back are going to be even more vital than programs that help you manage the ill state of your health and happiness.  Gone are the days of putting your health exclusively in the hands of your health care professionals.  Today, your level of personal responsibility to ensure you educate, empower and evolve yourself and your family on the value and practice of regular self-care practices has become an essential wellness strategy for the prevention and management of your family's health and happiness alongside yours.  

We believe that Vibrant Living lies in the Palm of Your Hands and we want to teach you the life hack tips, tricks and tools that will make you a Vibrant Living Master.

We are here to serve and help you on this journey.  Sarah offer yoga and lifestyle wellness sessions, workshops and retreats that are focused on helping you increase and improve your health, wealth and happiness so that abundance and prosperity surround you and you truly LOVE the life you live while inspiring you to help others experience Vibrant Living for themselves. 

Our programs in personal development, yoga, breathing, meditation, tapping, energy medicine and lifestyle coaching are all positioned to help you address and release self-limiting beliefs, acknowledge and align with your values and take the steps necessary to activate your body's self-healing while balancing your energy to bring you greater freedom, success and personal happiness.   

And we are here to help you every step of the way by giving you access to knowledge and skills that can easily be integrated into everyday life.

Now is the time to invest in yourself.  You are the Vibrant Living Master of your life, the life of your family and of your children.  Invest in your happiness.  The gifts of health, wealth and happiness are priceless and the power lies within you. 

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“If you want to learn something, read about it. 
If you want to understand something, write about it. 
If you want to master something, teach it.” 
Yogi Bhajan

What People Are Saying...

Sarah is a wonderful instructor who goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. She encourages questions which is nice if you are not completely aware of what you should be doing or "what is right".....try the class and embrace the time with one of your most loved treasures. ~ Judy T., Durham - Clarington

~ Judy T., Durham - Clarington

Wow your yoga class was great. Thanks a lot. Can’t say enough how I enjoyed your class. Your teaching methods are awesome! I’m inspired to do yoga, all thanks to you. My mind/soul feels better after 1 class. Spirits great right now! I’ve felt great all day and energy around me has been best in years.

~ Derick I. - Clarington, ON

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