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Vibrant Living Institute

   Evolve Yourself​.    Empower Your Family.    Elevate Humanity.

By Sarah Kathleen & Co.

Because Generations Are Counting On You.

Together, let's change the way we nurture, care for, love and lead ourselves and others to greater levels of health and happiness.


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The Lifelong Practice of Healthy Living

Healthy Living is the practice of health-enhancing behaviours.  

For healthy living to become a lifestyle that sticks, we have to address the root causes of your current habits, behaviours, beliefs and thought patterns so that you can do the healing and personal development work required to SoulSHIFT into a new state of being.  In order to enjoy a new level of health, wealth and happiness you will need to become your next-level self and that is what we at Vibrant Living Institute are here to do - help you awaken and step into your next-level you.

Now, if it were as easy as putting some information in your hands and 'snap' just like that your life is transformed into the life of your dreams that would be SWEET!  But I know, like me, you have been around the block enough times, and probably feel like you have tried "everything" to bring the transformational changes you seek with only limited or short-term success.  And while you might not know exactly what to do or how to do it you do recognize that SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE, if you hope to transform your life to any great degree. 

Here's the thing: If you don't do the work to heal your past, remove energy blocks, reprogram your subconscious, increase your conscious awareness and reintegrate your conscious mind you will likely find yourself in the same place next month, next year, or even five years from now.  

Perhaps you'll have found some level of success but still, feel like you are stuck, unfulfilled and that you were meant for more but that you just can't seem to find your purpose, manifest the life of your dreams or truly achieve health and wellness goals you long for.


To achieve TRANSFORMATION THAT STICKS you will need to adopt health and wellness practices and strategies that when customized to your unique needs and desired outcomes AND practiced consistently over time can bring you the next-level transformation that you desire.

It requires planning, preparation and consistent imperfect action to tackle habits, behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you feeling "STUCK" and unable to experience true progress in one or more areas of your life.  Typically, when we zoom in on our healthy living practices or lack thereof, we are likely to find that our current lifestyle habits & behaviours are far from the next-level self-care that is needed to truly transform our lives.  

For any healthy living lifestyle strategy to be effective, it should address your holistic wellbeing at all levels -- mind, body and soul.  

We do this a number of ways, one of which is designing a healthy living lifestyle strategy that addresses the four pillars of self-care:

Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual.  

A healthy living lifestyle requires that each pillar of self-care you plan, prepare, commit to change and take action.  

The healing and coaching programs and services offered at Vibrant Living Institute are designed to help you positively change the way you nurture, care for, love and lead yourself and those in your care to embrace a healthy living lifestyle with peace of mind, ease and grace.

Everyone deserves to love the life they live and that includes you!

At Vibrant Living Institute, our mission is to provide health and wellness education, events and healing and coaching solutions to women living with autoimmune or emotional health issues from chronic stress due to unresolved past, trauma, relationship abuse or loss who are sandwiched between raising their kids and caring for ageing loved ones who want to avoid burnout, realign with their purpose and thrive in their personal and professional lives no matter what life throws their way.

Find out how to get started today.

SoulCARE Energetix

A Complete Emotional Self-Healing System For Sandwiched Women Living With Autoimmune or Emotional Health Issues Due To Chronic Stress From Past Trauma, Relationship Abuse or Loss Who Want To Realign With Their Purpose, Avoid Burnout & Thrive In Their Personal & Professional Life No Matter What Life Throws Their Way.

Take Your Power Back.  Reclaim Your Soul.  Crush Your Goals.

Learn More

Healthy Living Revolution

If you want something you've never had you've got to do something you've never done.

Healthy Living Revolution

The Healthy Living Revolution is designed to help you adopt life-promoting lifestyle habits that work best for you!  

Getting started is easy!  Commit to One Simple Change.

If you are ready to #takehealthlyback and want to feel and be inspired to transform your life and the health and happiness of your family along the way while eating real food and having access to accountability support then register for our 4-month healthy living program today.  

Healthy Living Revolution

Whole Food Supplement Plans: Basic, Premium & Shred packages are available.*

*Premium & Shred Packages eligible for our Healthy Starts for Families program. Where a school-age child can receive their very own Fruits & Veggie product for up to 4 years for free. - conditions apply. 

Start Strong Kids!

Start Strong Kids Healthy Living Book Cover

Included with the Healthy Starts for Families Program is this wonderful resource for kids to increase their knowledge and desire to lead healthier lives and inspire others to do the same!  

Learn More

Shred 10 Cooking Guide

Shred 10 Cooking Guide Cook Book Cover

The Shred 10 Program comes with loads of resources and community support along with the following:

  • Shred Guideline Quickstart
  • Healthy Living 10 Day Kickstart
  • Shred Guide
  • Taste The Shred Cooking Guide/Recipes

Learn More

Our Signature Program

SoulCARE Energetix Mastery 

A Complete Trauma-Informed Emotional Self-Healing Program for Women.

Take Your Power Back.  Reclaim Your Soul.  Crush Your Goals.

This integrated healing and coaching program helps women who are sandwiched between raising kids and caring for ageing loved ones and are living with autoimmune or emotional health issues from chronic stress due to past trauma, relationship abuse or loss and are ready to heal their past, remove energy blocks, realign with their purpose, reduce overwhelm and avoid burnout so they can thrive in their personal and professional lives no matter what life throws their way.

Join the enrollment waitlist today!

SoulCARE Energetix

SoulCARE Energetix Logo

Take Your Power Back. 

Reclaim Your Soul. 

Crush Your Goals.

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Rainbow Foameez

Rainbow Foameez Logo

Our Programs & Services

All of our programs and services are offered virtually unless otherwise indicated. 

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What others are saying

I just wanted to send you a message to tell you how grateful I am to have crossed paths. Our session helped me in ways that counselling never has.

I practice what you taught me in that one session and I've even started to teach it to my clients. Thank you for everything!

Bonnie T., Social Worker - Durham Region